Bring zen to your Cash Flow Operations

AI-powered SaaS platform providing real-time visibility, automation and intelligence to optimize finance operations for domestic and global businesses.

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How customers are using rtZen

What’s my cash flow position?

We spend many hours if not days figuring out our global cash flow position.

My team has to log into multiple bank accounts to get a handle on cash flow.

It takes forever to calculate our burn rate, inflows and outflows.

rtZen automates connecting to your banks and provides a single dashboard for global cash flow position.

Am I managing cash flow effectively?

Our cash flow operations are burdened with error-prone and time-consuming manual processes. Just last week, we encountered a costly overpayment when an accidental extra zero was entered in an AP spreadsheet.

We spend hours every week categorizing bank transactions, only to start all over again the following week.

We're trapped in a never-ending cycle of manual bill capture, payments, approvals, and reconciliations.

rtZen offers a centralized command center to automate cash flow operations.

How do I improve my cash flow efficiency?

Our cash flow data is siloed across multiple systems making it difficult to connect the dots.

Fragmented information makes it challenging to forecast and manage cash flows accurately.

Managing cash flow across multiple systems increases our risk of errors, fraud, and unauthorized access.

rtZen turbocharges cash flow operations with AI/ML-powered insights and forecasts, while streamlining access to cash flow data for maximum efficiency.

A single application for cash flow operations built for the office of the CFO

  • Real-time global cash flow position visibility

    Avoid logging into multiple portals, downloading bank statements, and spending hours to get your global cash flow position across domestic and international accounts.
    95%+ error reduction

  • Automate cash management

    Eliminate manual spreadsheets — automatically categorize, track, and forecast cash flow operations, digitize vendor bill management, centralize payments/transfers.
    10x time and cost savings

  • Intelligent cash flow insights

    Make data-driven decisions, forecast confidently, control liquidity risk and currency exposure.
    “Priceless” real-time cash flow insights

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What customers are saying about rtZen

“We chose rtZen as our one stop shop finance operations for Popeyes, Dunkin Donuts, and Sonic Brands. It replaces multiple products across 250 + locations serving as a single application for banking, invoice capture, and payments across multiple banks.”

Qurat Khan

Treasury Manager

“rtZen automated the creation of our weekly cash forecasting report across more than 10 international entities and eliminated the painful manual effort of 20+ hours to just minutes.”

Arnulfo Sanchez

Chief Accounting Officer

“rtZen resolved the headaches we faced in managing our cash after diversifying to multiple banks, offering instant cash visibility and enabling automated transfers and payments from these accounts.”

Puneet Mittal

Chief Financial Officer

Our leadership team

The founders possess a unique blend of expertise in Banking, Payments, ERP integration, Cloud delivery, Consumer UX, low-code, and AI/ML-based platforms. This comprehensive skill set is essential in developing a user-friendly and easily deployable SaaS application for the CFO's office, enabling them to maximize cash flows.

  • Aiaz Kazi

    Aiaz Kazi

    Founder / CEO

    Aiaz brings 30+ years of enterprise software experience, launching global products in finance, banking, integration, and cloud. He has a proven track record in scaling revenue from 0 to $1B+ and has held leadership roles at Google, Banco Santander, SAP, TIBCO, BEA Systems, and Advent Software. Aiaz's passion for movies and music adds a unique perspective to his work.

  • Manish Balsara

    Manish Balsara

    Co-Founder / CTO

    Manish has 30+ years of experience in building and scaling engineering teams across financial services, payments, enterprise governance and customer experience. He has shipped multiple products at companies like, LiveOps, PayPal, Phulaxis, Della and Advent Software. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking and gardening.

  • Karthik Divi

    Karthik Divi

    Head of Technology - India

    Karthik brings 14+ years of experience in reputation management, developer skills, and supply chain domains. He excels in building and managing large engineering teams, creating scalable backends and frontends. His DevTools and open-source libraries are widely used by millions of developers worldwide. He has worked and led engineering teams at HackerRank,, JDA Software, and FourSoft. Outside of work, he enjoys playing board games and spending time with family.

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